Damerham Fair 2024 Timetables  




11:30 Sack Racing and Egg & Spoon race

12:00 Black Eagles

12:25 Damerham Derby 1st race (Dads)

13:00 Wheelbarrow Racing

13:30 Black Eagles

14:00 Damerham Derby race (open)

14:40 Pedal Cars

15:10 Black Eagles

16:00 Dog Show: Best In Show

           Horticultural Society Prize Giving

16:30  Grand Finale Splat




[each demonstration will last approx. 40 minutes, unless otherwise stated]


11:30  -   PCSO Steve May

Join PCSO Steve May from the New Forest West Neighbourhood Police for a friendly chat about local policing and ask him anything you've always wanted to know about local law enforcement. 


13:00-14:00  -   Sushi Demo 

A team of chefs from the Compassess Inn will prepare popular sushi varieties like maki nigiri, crunchy rolls and classic rolls. There will then be a delicious tasting session and visitors can ask questions and engage in conversation about this artful cooking form.

14:40  -   Local author J J Vason

Ever fancied writing a novel? J J Vason will discuss his debut novel, Siduri, and talk about the intricacies of novel writing. Siduri is a tale of fate and family secrets in a world where the line between the living and the dead is blurred. There will be a Q&A session for you to see if you could have what it takes to pen the next bestseller, and he will be signing copies of his book.

15:40  -   Gill Thompson
Gill will make a walking stick with all the processes involved. She will work the shank, antler, buffalo horn and assembling the stick, all whilst giving a fascinating insight into this unusual and skilful craft.

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